Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all transactions processed by this site and over phone lines.

Please read carefully and print a copy for reference.

By placing an order or entering into any correspondence or agreement with Yorkstone Paving Supplies you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Prices are subject to change without notice.

All goods are the property of Yorkstone Paving Supplies until cleared funds are received in full.

Bespoke Orders
All bespoke orders must be paid for in advance of production and if terms have been offered ( for example – a 50% deposit payable in advance with the balance due and payable by the client upon completion and prior to dispatch to the client) *please note that any deposits paid on these bespoke orders are non refundable should the client wish to cancel the order once the initial deposits have been paid, This is due to the sawing of stone to the sizes required along with the stonework that will have been already undertaken on the order itself.

We cannot give guaranteed delivery times. When placing an order we will only give an am (7.00am-12.00pm) or pm (12.00pm-5.00pm) slot. If you want a more accurate delivery time you can call the office on the morning of the delivery and we will be pleased to give you a more accurate delivery time. However delays are still possible which are beyond our control and we will not be in any way financially liable for late goods or services.

Whilst we will always strive to deliver materials within an agreed time frame delays can occur which are beyond Yorkstone Paving Supplies control.

Yorkstone Paving Supplies will not be financially liable for any costs arising due delayed goods or services or faulty goods or services.

No order will be seen as accepted until cleared funds are received in full.

Delivery is to kerbside only unless previous arrangements have been made.

Yorkstone Paving Supplies do not accept any financially liability for surface subsidence, damage to property, oil, tyre marks vehicles or underground services in the case that the customer or any person acting on behalf of or employed by the customer has requested that any Yorkstone Paving Supplies delivery vehicles enters the grounds of any private dwelling/residence.

Yorkstone Paving Supplies reserves the right to withhold delivery if any circumstances beyond Yorkstone Paving Supplies control prevent a delivery being carried out.

We also reserve the right to charge for any wasted time.

If you believe you have received any damaged/ defected/ missing goods or services you should notify Yorkstone Paving Supplies immediately by telephone and then writing.

Yorkstone Paving Supplies agree to replace any damaged/ defected/missing goods as quickly as is practically possible.

Yorkstone Paving Supplies are not liable for any loss or damage to the client caused by damaged/ defected/ missing goods.

Yorkstone Paving Supplies reserve the right to refuse to replace sawn material which has been transported by the customer or any person acting on behalf of or employed by the customer.

Regarding any and all previously quoted prices, prices quoted are only valid for a 14 day period from the date that the quote was initially given, therefore we reserve the right to honour the already quoted price after the 14 day period. If the quoted price is not accepted within a the given period then the client must get a newly quoted price for all and any products required. *Prices may vary.


Returning Goods

While we strive to get the stone to you in 100% pristine condition we cannot always guarantee that every piece will arrive in perfect condition.

If for any reason you need to return goods to Yorkstone Paving Supplies we will only accept them if they are in pristine condition. We will not refund any goods which have cement marks, footprints or general dirt & grime. We will also charge a 30% handling charge on all returned goods (minimum charge of £140 plus carraige). We will not accept any returns 30 days after purchase.

Yorkstone Paving Supplies offer a seven day cooling off period. If you would like to return your goods within seven days of purchase for any reason we will be happy to do so, however due the high costs associated with shipping the goods, the delivery cost is non-refundable and should a collection be required the cost of the collection will be reflected in the value of the refund.

When ordering bespoke products your right to a seven day cooling off period is waived, any products which have been made to order unfortunately will be not returnable and as such no refunds will be made.

Natural stone colour and texture

Natural stone can vary in colour, tone & texture. The colours shown in all Yorkstone Paving Supplies website is as accurate as modern photography and printing allow. We would always recommend viewing products in daylight prior to purchasing. No sorting of crates will be permitted.

Natural stone can develop brown markings as its iron content oxidises. This is a temporary phenomenon which will disappear over a period of time. Products delivered may vary from samples previously supplied, and this is completely normal for all natural products.


Natural stone is a natural material and as such will sometimes contain small chips, blemishes and imperfections which can occur during the manufacture, packaging and transport process.

Thickness & dimensions

All stated thickness and dimensions are nominal and as such are subject to cutting tolerances.